Class Descriptions


ACRO – An extremely popular class for dancers of all ages, our Acro classes combine dance + gymnastics... Students enhance their strength, balance, flexibility, and tumbling skills, while maintaining their proper dance technique. Note: Students are taught methods from Acrobatic Arts.


BALLET – As dance educators we understand the importance of Ballet and see first-hand the life-long benefits that students gain through their exposure to this beautiful art form. From the way a person enters a room, to all facets of sports in general, Ballet brings the mind and body in tune with one another and helps to build a strong, coordinated, graceful and agile instrument. Note: Students are taught the Royal Academy of Dance, London syllabus.


CONTEMPORARY – A genre of dance that employs methods found in modern, post-modern and classical ballet.  It also draws on newer philosophies of freeform movement including gestures, floor work and turn in of the legs. Contemporary is incorporated into our Lyrical classes, when dancers are ready.


Tiny/Young BALLET & TAP – Developed by Jean San Juan, our extremely popular young dancer program for ages 3-6, has 3 generations of success to it’s name and is guaranteed to set your little dancer off on the right foot! Fundamental dance skills are taught through a creative and fun-filled program that encourages, delights, and challenges both mind and body.


JAZZ – With its roots in the African-American style of movement and music, Jazz dancing has consistently evolved to blend sharp lines, leaps, turns and classical technique with current musical trends culminating with today’s Pop/MTV-style music.


CONDITIONING/LIMBERING  – Designed to help increase flexibility, lengthen muscles, and strengthen your core.


LYRICAL – A combination of Ballet Technique with a modern Jazz flair that includes tricks and floor work, students perform to contemporary music incorporating the lyrics and expressive style of the song.


MOMMY & ME – for 2-3 year olds and Mommy! Children are introduced to the joy of dance through fun activities that incorporate scarves, tambourines, wands, stuffed animals and more. They learn special awareness, basic coordination and other important skills that have life-long benefits. MOMS - Share the delights of dance and enjoy a unique bonding experience that’s a great workout, too!


POINTE – Classical Ballet “on Pointe.” For the serious Ballet student, Pointe is allowed only at the teacher’s discretion, based upon the individual dancer’s anatomy and physical preparedness. While beautiful to look at, Pointe is extremely difficult and much harm can result when a child is allowed to go on Pointe prematurely.


TAP – One of the most popular American dance forms, Tap appeals to people of all ages and is a wonderful way to challenge the mind and body with intricate rhythms and contagious sounds.  We offer classes for all levels and invite you to join in the fun!


TURNS, TRICKS, LEAPS – Get the inside scoop on all the fabulous and inspirational moves you see on today’s popular shows.  Switch leaps, needles, fouettes, walkovers, illusions and countless more steps will be taught.  A challenging but fun-filled class for the serious dancer looking to increase their skill set.