Dress Code




When we dress like a dancer, we feel like a dancer; good grooming is important for our self-image, discipline and progress.




A bun is required for Ballet classes, Primary & above. A bun is recommended for all other classes as well, but a neat, tight ponytail is permitted.




* BALLET, POINTE - Students, Grade 1 & above, are required to wear a BLACK leotard, pink tights, and pink, leather shoes with elastics. RAD exam leotards will also be permitted. Pink Pointe shoes with ribbons, if at level. Form-fitting, lightweight warm-ups are allowed at the beginning of class, but must be removed following plies. Skirts/Shorts are not allowed.


* JAZZ, LYRICAL, ACRO - Students are required to wear a leotard of any color, tan/pink (stirrup or convertible/transition) tights; shorts (form-fitting) are permitted at teacher’s discretion. 


* TAP - Leotards, form-fitting shorts, etc. Leggings are permitted as long as they are form-fitting and do not cover the shoe.


* AGE 5 & UNDER BALLET/TAP - Anything goes! Part of the fun of dance is dressing up so we encourage tutus, leotards, skirts and all those fabulous outfits available ... However, pink tights or white ankle socks (never both).

PINK ballet shoes with ELASTIC for girls. BLACK ballet shoes w/ ELASTIC for boys. BLACK PATENT TAP shoes for all.

IMPORTANT!! Please replace TAP ties with a band of ELASTIC to help us keep tap shoes secure (tied) and save valuable class time!




MUST be properly fitted for correct foot control and development and it is suggested you go to an accredited dance supply store for specialized service. (See below for recommendations). Also, please put your name/initials inside ALL Shoes!!


IMPORTANT - During show years and/or for special performances, students may be required to buy an additional type/color shoe that is appropriate to their dance and/or costume. Students unwilling to adhere to costume requirements will NOT be allowed to participate.


* BALLET - Shoes must be PINK LEATHER, and we recommend a SPLIT-SOLE. Elastic ONLY, as opposed to ribbons. We are happy to show you the correct way to sew on the elastic.


* TAP - Tiny Tap: Black Patent / Junior & Adult: Tan Leather, Split-Sole Preferred.


* JAZZ - Tan or Black Jazz Booties (slip-on). Split-sole preferred.


* LYRICAL - Foot Undeez, Pirouettes, Dance Paws, Jazz shoes, Ballet shoes.


ACRO - Shoes not required.


For your dancewear needs, we recommend:


CAPEZIO Dance Theatre Shop

982 El Monte Ave.

Mountain View, CA 94040


Discount Dance Supply

Studio Code: TP27444


TARGET - Great for dancewear but please, do not purchase "Ballet slippers."

PAYLESS SHOE SOURCE - Inexpensive Ballet and Patent Leather Tap Shoes for young and/or recreational dancers.