REGISTRATION - $75 per student, $50 for add'l family members. Please see our Tuition page.

Classes are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis with PRIORITY reserved for students who have submitted their enrollment form and appropriate fees.  If classes are full we are happy to wait-list you.


TUITION DEPOSIT - A deposit of $ 100.00 for May/June 2021 must also be paid at the time of registration, and parents/students will be notified of any remaining balance and/or credit at the start of May 2019. Tuition Deposit is refundable through Sept. 30th for pre-registered students, if the schedule does not work out.


TUITION PAYMENTS – Tuition is due the 10th of EACH MONTH and does NOT deviate regardless of Holiday Closure. Fees are NOT adjusted for seasonal activities, sports, plays, vacations, B-day parties, etc.  Annual tuition has been divided into 10 monthly payments for your convenience. Tuition received after the 10th = $ 15.00 late fee, Returned checks are subject to a $ 25.00 fee + Bank Service Charges.


WITHDRAWAL FROM STUDIO – Requires a mandatory one month notice in writing as well as tuition payment for that final month.  Tuition deposit of $100.00 can be applied to withdrawal payment and/or refunded through January; however, it is forfeited at any later date.


TRIAL LESSONS may be taken @ $ 20.00 per class payable at the time of lesson, with the remaining tuition/registration due upon enrollment.


MAKE-UP LESSONS – We offer NO formal make-up system should a student miss class.  

NO DEDUCTIONS or CREDITS are given unless a teacher is absent and a substitute is unavailable.


TARDINESS – Students arriving late are NOT to barge in to a class, but must enter quietly, between exercises, with proper shoes/dance attire already on.  We ask as a courtesy and to practice good manners that students also “apologize” for being late, and then quickly join their classmates.


OBSERVATION – Because we want to provide our students with the BEST dance education possible, and because we require their undivided attention to do so, we ONLY allow observation of classes from the other side of our one-way mirror (3rd St.) or waiting room window (2nd St.).


PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS are always welcome and children are encouraged to “join in” (Trial Lesson) in order to truly get a feel for our classes.


PARENTS AND GUESTS are invited to observe, but are asked to keep talking/noise level to a minimum so as not to be heard within the studio.


VIDEO and/or PHOTOGRAPHY - Special arrangements MUST be made IN ADVANCE to video tape, and/or take pictures, and we insist that you remain as unobtrusive as possible so that students can concentrate.  (Please, no non-dancing siblings in the classroom).  


PARENTS of small children, ages 3 / 4 - If your child needs some “extra support and encouragement” parents ONLY (no siblings!) are permitted to stay, however we ask that you remain as “quiet” as possible and leave instruction to the teacher.  We also recommend you exit the classroom A.S.A.P. so that you do not become a crutch for your child.  Independence is a fundamental life skill and should be encouraged!


WHEN PICKING UP STUDENTS please be PROMPT!!  We cannot provide babysitting service and little ones become quite concerned when left too long.  While we do our best to assure them that “Mommy or Daddy will be here soon”, it can still be quite traumatic for them.


SAFETY – Please let us know ahead of time if someone we haven’t met will be picking up your child … if they are in a car pool … and/or if there is someone your child should NOT go with.  Our policy is for ALL students to remain INSIDE the studio until they are collected, and this information is VERY IMPORTANT to us.




1. NO GUM, FOOD or BEVERAGES OF ANY KIND are allowed in the studio, with the exception of plastic water bottles.  Water breaks are by teacher’s permission only.

2. Students arriving late are NOT to barge in to a class, but must enter quietly, with proper shoes/dance attire already on.  We ask as a courtesy and to practice good manners that students also “apologize” for being late, and then quickly join their classmates.

Students arriving 15 minutes late or more will not be allowed to participate in class, however they may sit and observe the class.

3. Students must always address teachers as Mrs./Miss or Mr. i.e., “Mrs. San Juan,” “Miss Megan,” and we encourage them to say “Thank You” at the end of class.

4. Students are expected to behave respectfully at all timestowards their teachers and fellow classmates.  Disruptive and/or rude behavior will NOT be tolerated.

5. Students are expected to remain standing throughout class unless otherwise instructed.

6. Students must adhere to the individual class Dress Codes as outlined on the “What To Wear” page.  Parents –

Please help your children to follow the rules.

7. Teenagers – Remember to practice good hygiene.  Maturing bodies require more attention to cleanliness, odor, etc.  Please use deodorant and carry a small sweat towel in your dance bag.  A change of shirt or leotard is also refreshing when attending multiple classes.

8. Excessive jewelry is NOT allowed as it creates mannerisms and bad habits.

9. Parents – Please remind little ones to use the bathroom BEFORE class begins.

No dirty diapers are to be left at the studio … Please take them home with you!

10. The studio office/desk is PRIVATE and off-limits.  Students needing to use the phone MUST ask for permission.    

11. Please help keep the dressing room and bathroom clean.  Should you notice any plumbing problems please notify a staff member immediately.


We pride ourselves on having an extremely happy and well-run studio; we appreciate your support in helping us to instill good manners and proper etiquette, that will carry over into all facets of our students’ lives.


Children learn what they live ... Thank you.

San Juan Dance, Los Altos