The San Juan Sensations

Competitive Dance Team


Founded in 1990, our competitive dance team was under the successful direction of Suzanne San Juan for over 20 years. In 2006, Miss Jordan stepped into the role of Co-Director, combining her energetic efforts with Miss Suzanne’s expertise to empower the dancers to reach new heights. Miss Jordan now continues on as Director, and with each year the Sensations grow stronger as a competitive force, regionally & nationally.


San Juan Sensations are a prestigious group of students who have been handpicked to represent our studio at various events and competitions both regionally and nationally. Their love of dance is demonstrated in their work ethic as well as their performances.

San Juan Sensations are required to maintain their studies of the core subjects: Ballet, Tap, Jazz/Lyrical, and typically opt to take additional styles. Our Sensations' first priority is to excel academically, and dance is a close second. Miss Jordan emphasizes a positive environment where each dancer can grow as the best version of themselves, with regard to their whole self. The dancers are supported as humans and as artists/athletes, and we are extremely proud of the young adults that graduate from our Sensation(al) program. 

2020.2021 San Juan Sensations

         Eleanor, Samantha, Alina, Aria, Arielle, Gina, Iris, Isabella, Lexine, Liberty, Lucie,

            Marika, Nicole, Selene, Alex, Ani, Kaitlin, Katia, McKenna, Lily, Madison, Nisma

                                        Team Assistant: Miss Janie

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